lördag 18 januari 2014

Hur vi vårdar kuggen: Det vi inte gillar förtränger vi

Latest album is now uploaded and available on Spotify:

Hjärnkultur has two new uploaded tracks on https://soundcloud.com/ignominyhq -
material put together and sourced out from a couple of improv. sessions taking place at Vraket, experimenting with analog synthesizers, lo-fi attitude & decadence, obsessing over 90's swedish tv-show Rederiet:
Deluded Carl hiding a dead body behind a welded door, getting opposed by machinist Gustav that claims to have needed tools behind it and has to tear it open. Meanwhile Reidar's paranoia rises as Frejas future lies in uncertainty since the attempted murder by arsenic poisoning were excecuted by Carl, granddaugther gets the blame and later giving answers about her psychotic, stalking boyfriend to the police - saying hes be missing and no one has heard of him for weeks.
Bengtsson is getting worked up over accusations of her brother, telling the man that:
- " Totte is an abiding citizen now, Totte is a good guy now ". 

Picture is a painting in process by Totte, not Bengtsson's brother.

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