söndag 1 juni 2014

Ett telegram: THE OCTOPHANT PT. II

Message from the scum, the upholder of Nothing:

For some months now i've been collaborating, rehearsing and working on songs with friends from the 3-piece massive band Phant. The results are stunning, perfectly blended sludge/doom-characteristics with psychadelic and experimental/noisy vibes, a sound conjured to fill the void in ones chest. I've contributed with noise-landscapes and some vocals wich are written in swedish:


Brustit överallt
Reva uti kosmos
balans mellan svarta hål
Vår närvaro ekar
Evigt tomrum i periferi

Magna Cael

Avstå från konturer
I dröm-mogulens gästhus:
fly världsalltet,
penetrera barriärer,
bli undermedveten guru
Skarpa avbilder,
nu meta-liv
Läckande huvud
Öppnade ögonen
Allt är svart

I dröm-mogulens gästhus:
Öppnade ögonen
Allt är svart

(My parts): first one is a comment on grand changes, second is a hommage to all things surreal.

What i think is a great deal and works out very well, plus giving the sound an extra sharp edge, is the use of 3 different vocals: with the convincing foundation of the ecstasy-filled grooves, each word comes out as a spike ov truth from the ridden apocalypse wich is the song itself. A perfect dynamic fit between (de-)constructed electronics/pedal-loop mayhem and Phant-heaviness: sounds like one dangerous unit.

The Octophant Pt.II

The Octophant Pt.I is re-recorded so make sure to re-visit.

Rumours about shows and other secrecies can be tracked down here:

Fred ut,

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