fredag 21 juni 2013

Introducing - Postalbumblogera

"Happy" midsummer. 
First of all, if anyone preordered the upcoming album, we feel really sorry about it but thats not gonna happen (email braincrushing records about any concerns). Because of the lack of communication and collapse of the label we now consider ourselves an independent band. 
During the past 1,5 years we've been working on new material that was gonna end up in a album/record format. We finished the recordings in late april this spring, sessions recorded in our rehearsal place under supervision by Kalle Lennblad, preformed by Victor, Gran, Tintin & Totte. 
We've evolved in the ways of trying to maintain audial climax thus making the previous recordings non-essential now. The new album "Come Abuse" summarys the solitary time between pre(tour) 2012 - 2013- . We'll release the album as a whole for free on the webz as soon as we have the album-cover ready. The blog is the only place were we'll release new material (audio, visuals, lyrics etc.), info/updates and general news but will also serve as database to us, a place to feed on creative output (collective and individual). Facebook and other sites will only be used to publish links. 
This conversion means more freedom and tools; making us comfortable, allowing us to be more personal. 

This is one of the songs from the upcoming album called
"Sinnesblockader" - 

The songs are later to be found in the following order:
  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. Sinnesblockader
B-side material were recorded but due to conceptual expansion and matter of length we've decided to make it a release on its own. A split-recording between Ignominy and Hjärnkultur (now duo noise-outfit) is later to be announced. Two tracks, +55 mins of length.

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