onsdag 2 oktober 2013

Come Abuse - Upload

So time flies. We've been incubated during the summer and are now returning to conventional life as we know it. It feels in order to present what we spent the time between last autum to this spring creating. The result is an 8-track album called "COME ABUSE".

A celebrationshow will be held with our friends in Phant and Totem Skin in our rehearsal space this month. We've been enjoying doomsludgestonerband Phants first ever recording over here: http://phant.bandcamp.com/album/the-octophant-pt-1  

In a while, probably in a month or so, we will upload a 2-track split between ignominy and hjärnkultur (one half of ignominy) called "IDYLLER". But more on that later.

"COME ABUSE" will be avalible for free download along with lyrics, arts and some writtendown confessions/reflections about the thoughts behind the songs. For now you can be part of our reality over here: http://ignominy.bandcamp.com/

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